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Great Lakes Kratom - Keep It Pure
Kratom (Mitrogyna speciosa) is a natural botanical native to tropical Southeast Asia that is part of the coffee family. The people of Southeast Asia have used Kratom leaves as a traditional remedy for hundreds of years.

Kratom is not a synthetic substance but rather a naturally occurring substance that is a safe herbal supplement thats more like tea or coffee than any other substance.


Maeng Da - Long Lasting, Mood Boosting, Energizing, Mental Clarity & Relief.

Shop Maeng Da


Green Malay - Boost your Mood with this Relaxing, Relieving, Euphoric & Energizing Herbal Supplement.

Shop Green Malay


White Kong - Blend of Focus, Energy & Mood Boost.

Shop White Kong


Red Bali - Maximum Relief & Relaxation

Shop Red Bali

Pain & Focus

Red Vietnam - A relaxing strain for Relief, Clarity & Mood Enhancement.

Shop Red Vietnam


Super Green - Maxiimum Energy, Focus & Relief.

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Red Maeng Da - Long lasting Relaxation & Relief.

Shop Red Maeng Da


A stimulating blend offering Focus, Energy, Mood Boost, Mental Clarity & Relief.

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Can't Decide?

Try all eight strains of KRTM for the price of four!

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What Is Kratom?
What Is Kratom?